Kartal Hand Symbals Original Panchadhatu Bell Metal Kansa – 1 Pair Large

 1,100.00  550.00

  • These cymbals/ Kartals/ Manjira are best quality bell metal and their sound is sweet yet very loud
  • Bell metal(Kansa) is a special alloy made of copper and tin which is a very acoustic metal, popularly used for making high quality cymbals and bells.
  • Bring lyrics to your Kirtan, Bhajan and other musical presentations by bringing home these handmade Kartals.
  • These Cymbals improves their sound on regular usage. The quality of these cymbals are remarkable and uncomparable.
  • Remarkable Kartals to connect you to the Divine, from the house of Brand “Hare Krishna Solutions”, Always Serving In Your Spiritual Journey.
  • An acoustic panchadhatu/ Kansa/ Bell metal Cymbals(kartal), 100% Pure and handmade with astonishingly melodious sound
Technical Details
Color Golden
Item Part Number KHS001
Primary material Metal
Capacity 8 x 8 x 4 Cms
What is in the box? Kartal 1 Pair
Additional Information
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